The marina

63 41 07 N, 20 18 17 O


Welcome to Bredvik harbour

Our harbour is situated in Obbola 18 kilometers south of Umeå in the oulet of Umeälven to Kvarken.

The harbour is wind and wave protected from all directions. We usually have about 30 guest places to lay your boat. We have a cabin that you can use to cook and shower. You can also use our wood-fired sauna. All is included in our pier fee, 200 SEK/24h.

If the port host is not present when you arrive you can call +46 90 280 11 and we will come in a moment. We have always a host between 18:00 and 06:00.

Guest places

A guest place is marked with a small flag, a pennant. If you don’t find a flag you can always lay to furthest out on pier nr 1.
Pier nr 1, the one closest to land has 8-10 meters beams and a width of 4-5 meters
Pier nr 2, in the middle, has beams that has a length of 6-8 meters and a width of 3-4 meters.
Pier nr 3, faar from land and most northly pier has beams with a lenght of 8 meters and a width of 3,5-4 meters. The depth around the piers is about 3 meters.



If you have any questions please send an email to us at  and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


Welcome to visit us!


Phone +46 90 280 11


Electricity & fresh water

All piers has fresh water and electricity.




Rubbish is placed in bins by the clubhouse. See excellent containers for source sorting.

Recycling deposit

Bins for recycling deposit like aluminium boxes and PET bottles. 


Latrine - emptying

Latrine pump at the quay. Emptying of latrine vessels takes place in the well in front of the clubhouse (blue square lid).

Transport - Taxi

Umeå Taxi +46 90 77 00 00
Eco Taxi  +46 90 911 911
Sverige Taxi +46 90 100 100


Grocery – ICA Fyren, 2 kilometers
Airport – 12 kilometers
Hospital – 16 kilometers